• Getting picked up at the Santiago airport

The days of stressing about how to get to and from the airport are gone. With our transfer services we will pick you and your group up at the airport or at your hotel and take you safely, comfortably, and affordably to your destination.

All rates are in US dollars and valid for 1-5 persons. Note: prices are valid just for an 8: am to 7: pm, arrival and departure times. For larger group quotes please call us 1-809-320-1433 at contact us online.

Choose an airport to see rates

Please select one of these airports to see our current transfer rates: Puerto Plata ,Santiago, Santo Domingo, La Romana, Punta Cana, Samana.

Puerto Plata airport toPrice
Playa Dorada/Costa Dorada$35
Puerto Plata City$40
Bahia Maimon$50
Santiago Hotels$98
Rio San Juan$100
Punta Rusia$128
Samana City/Las Terrenas$189
Las Galeras$212
Santo Domingo City$198
Boca Chica/Juan Dolio$215
La Romana City/ Casa De Campo$280
La Romana (Bayahibe)$280
Punta Cana (Bavaro) $345
Punta Cana (Uvero Alto)$350
Santiago airport toPrice
Santiago City$32
Puerto Plata$98
Sosua & Cabarete$105
Rio San Juan$159
Santo Domingo City$160
Santo Domingo Airport$170
Boca Chica$195
Juan Dolio$195
Samana City & Las Terrenas$225
Samana (Las Galeras)$235
La Romana City & Casa de Campo$265
La Romana (Bayahibe)$275
Punta Cana (Bavaro)$330
Punta Cana (Uvero Alto)$330
Santo Domingo airportPrice
Boca Chica$31
Santo Domingo City$41
Juan Dolio$41
La Romana Ciudad & Casa de Campo$89
La Romana (Bayahibe)$95
Punta Cana$167
Punta Cana (Uvero Alto)$167
Santo Domingo City to Santiago City$175
Santo DomingoCity to Santiago Airport$175
Santiago Hotels$178
Rio San Juan$182
Samana City & Las Terrenas$185
Samana, Las Galeras$199
Puerto Plata City$198
La Romana airport toPrice
La Romana City & Casa de Campo$35
La Romana (Bayahibe)$40
Juan Dolio$100
Boca Chica$110
Santo Domingo City$120
Punta Cana (Bavaro)$120
Punta Cana (Uvero Alto)$130
Rio San Juan$225
Samana City & Las Terrenas$265
Samana, Las Galeras$281
Santiago Hotels$275
Puerto Plata$280
Punta Cana airport toPrice
Punta Cana (Bavaro & Cap Cana)$43
Punta Cana (Uvero Alto)$85
La Romana Ciudad & Casa de Campo$120
La Romana, Bayahibe$120
Juan Dolio$165
Boca Chica$180
Santo Domingo City$180
Santiago Hotels$340
Samana City & Las Terrenas$350
Samana, Las Galeras$380
Puerto Plata$350
Rio San Juan$360
Jarabacoa (La Vega)$360
Samana airport toPrice
Samana City & Las Terrenas$75
Samana, Las Galeras$94
Rio San Juan$123
Puerto Plata City$174
Cabarete/ Sosua$174
Santiago City$200
Santo Domingo City$200
Boca Chica$200
Juan Dolio$220
La Romana City & Casa de Campo$265
La Romana (Bayahibe)$265
Punta Cana (Bavaro)$330
Punta Cana (Uvero Alto)$330